Improved Flight Item

( Sharn: City of Towers, p. 157)

[Item Creation]

You have learned to make use of the manifest zone in Sharn to craft magic items that grant superior flight.


Knowledge (the planes) 6 ranks, Craft Wondrous Item,


You can craft a magic item that grants a fly speed in such a way that its powers are enhanced within a manifest zone linked to Syrania, including anywhere within the city of Sharn. When such an item is used in Sharn, the fly speed it grants is increased by 50%. In addition, it can be used an additional two times per day, or continuously if it could otherwise be used three times or more each day. For example, if you make a pair of winged boots, they grant a fly speed of 90 feet and can be used continuously as long as they are used within Sharn. (Normally, winged boots function three times per day.) The market price for the boots is unchanged. If you make a carpet of flying, it grants a fly speed of 60 feet within Sharn and is otherwise unchanged (since carpets of flying normally work continuously). In addition to allowing you to make improved versions of standard items at a lower cost, this feat is a prerequisite for creating certain magic items unique to Sharn. (Such items are described later in this chapter.) Finally, if you also have the Craft Construct feat or the ability to craft a homunculus, any construct you create that has a fly speed gains Manifest Flight as a bonus feat.


An artificer may select Improved Flight Item as one of his artificer bonus feats.