Psychic Warfare

( Secrets of Sarlona, p. 118)


You have studied the telepathic combat techniques of the Inspired and the kalashtar, and can draw on your inner spirit to strengthen your attacks.


Concentration 6 ranks, Will save bonus ++4,


The Psychic Warfare feat enables the use of three tactical techniques. You can benefit from only one of these tactics in any given round.

Active Defense: To use this technique, you must fight defensively or perform a full defense action. During a round in which you fight defensively, you receive a +1 insight bonus on saving throws, against mind-affecting spells, powers, and abilities. If you take a full defense action, this bonus is increased to +2.

Probing Thoughts: To use this technique, you must perform a full defense action for 1 round. If you manifest a mind-affecting power against a target within 60 feet on the following round, the saving throw DC is increased by 1.

Psychic Riposte: To use this technique, you must spend 1 action point to improve your saving throw when you are targeted by a mind-affecting spell, power or ability. Add half of the result of the action point roll (rounded down) to the saving throw DC of any mind-affecting power you manifest against the aggressor in the following round.