Dream of Insight

( Secrets of Sarlona, p. 116)


Your connection to the dreamspace grants you insightful visions.


Dream Scion (SoS) , one other dreamtouched feat,


You experience vivid and lucid dreams. Once per day, you can make a single Knowledge check (any field) while you sleep, rest, or meditate with the intent of restoring your ability to enter a dreamtouched state. You gain a +10 insight bonus in addition to your usual modifiers on the check, and can make a check for uncommon knowledge (DC 11 or higher) even if you have no ranks in the appropriate Knowledge skill. Making this Knowledge check expends one use of your dreamtouched state for the following day.

If appropriate, DMs and players can choose to roleplay a scenario that provides the information sought through Dream of Insight. A character might have a vision of ancient ruins that reveals some aspect of their history, or could dream of a riddle contest with a sphinx whose outcome discloses a magic item command word.


Taking this feat increases the duration of your dreamtouched state by 1 round.