Exotic Weapon Proficiency

( Player's Handbook v.3.5, p. 94)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

Choose a type of exotic weapon, such as dire flail or shuriken (see Table 7-5: Weapons, page 116, for a list of exotic weapons). You understand how to use that type of exotic weapon in combat.


Base attack bonus +1,

Required for

Net and Trident (CW) , Shield of Blades (PE) , Double Steel Strike (ECS) , Wind and Fire (SoS) , Flying Tiger (SoS) ,


You make attack rolls with the weapon normally.


You can gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of exotic weapon. Proficiency with the bastard sword or the dwarven waraxe has an additional prerequisite of Str 13. A fighter may select Exotic Weapon Proficiency as one of his fighter bonus feats (see page 38)


A character who uses a weapon with which he or she is not proficient takes a -4 penalty on attack rolls.