Melee Evasion

( Player's Handbook II, p. 81)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

Your speed, agility, and talent for intelligent fighting allow you to avoid your opponent's blows. You take careful stock of an opponent and slip away from his sword blow just as he commits to the attack.


Combat Expertise (PH) , Dodge (PH) , DEX 13, INT 13,


While fighting defensively, you can attempt to negate a single attack made by the target of your Dodge feat. If this opponent attacks you, use an immediate action to make a d20 roll modifi ed by your highest base attack bonus. The result is used as your normal AC and touch AC against that single, specifi c attack from your opponent. You cannot use this feat if your Dexterity bonus to AC does not apply against your opponent's attack.


A fighter can select Melee Evasion as one of his fighter bonus feats.