Combat Cloak Expert

( Player's Handbook II, p. 93)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, Tactical]

You are adept at turning your cloak into a vital part of your combat repertoire. By twirling it about you, sweeping it over enemies, and using it to conceal your weapon, you can catch an opponent by surprise.


Combat Expertise (PH) , Dodge (PH) , DEX 15, INT 13, base attack bonus +6,


The Combat Cloak Expert feat grants you access to three special tactical maneuvers. You must wear a cloak in order to utilize them. Cloak Defense: While you are fighting defensively, you can use your cloak to confuse your foes. You hold it before your chest like a curtain, making it diffi cult for enemies to read your defensive moves. Your cloak grants you a +1 shield bonus to AC. If you use the total defense action, your cloak's shield bonus improves to +2. (Shield bonuses do not stack, making it likely that this maneuver is a poor option if you already carry a shield.) Cloaked Strike: You can use your cloak to hide a light weapon. To utilize this maneuver, on the first round you must move adjacent to an opponent while you do not have a weapon in either hand. On the second round, you make a Bluff check opposed by your foe's Sense Motive check as you use a move action to draw your weapon. If this check succeeds, your opponent loses either his Dexterity bonus to AC or his shield bonus to AC (your choice) until the end of your current turn. Whirling Cloak: You can attempt to use your cloak to confuse your opponent. As a move action after successfully striking an opponent in melee, make a melee touch attack against that foe. If this attack hits, you whirl your cloak around him, temporarily ruining his defenses. Your opponent cannot make attacks of opportunity against a particular ally of your choice until the start of his next turn.


A fighter can select Combat Cloak Expert as one of his fighter bonus feats.