Grand Malevolence

( Ghostwalk, p. 34)

[Dominator, Ghost]

You can possess multiple creatures and control their actions.


Ghost Ride (Gh) , Iron Will (PH) , Minor Malevolence (Gh) , Malevolence (Gh) , CHA 17,


As the Malevolence feat, except that you can possess a number of creatures equal to your Charisma bonus. Each possession attempt takes a standard action, requires you to move into the target's square (drawing an attack of opportunity), and affects one creature.

You may divide your actions among your hosts in any way you see fit. Distance is not a factor. For example, if you are possessing a dwarf, an elf, and a human, you could have the dwarf reload his crossbow (a move-equivalent action), have the elf cast a sleep spell (a standard action), and have the human take a 5-foot step. Alternatively, you could have the dwarf take a 5-foot step and the elf cast summon monster I (a full-round action), leaving the human with no actions for the round. Since relaxing control on a host is a free action, you can allow any or all of your hosts to act normally
in the same round without penalty.

When you leave your last possessed host, your ghost touch equipment reappears with your reformed ghost body.

A creature that saves against this ability is immune to your attempts to use any feat on the path of the dominator for one day.