Abyss-Bound Soul

( Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss, p. 83)


You have pledged your immortal soul to a particular demon lord in return for a gift that aids your evil works in life.


Evil Brand (FCI) , Thrall to Demon (FCI) ,


Your evil brand incorporates the personal symbol of your demon lord patron, who watches over you from the Abyss. You gain a +2 bonus on saving throws made against spells with the good descriptor. Additionally, a tiny portion of your patron's power infuses your body, granting you an additional benefit. The exact benefit gained depends on who your patron is, as given below. Baphomet: You deal double damage with weapons when you charge. Dagon: You can breathe water as well as you can breathe air. Demogorgon: Once per day, you can automatically summon a tanar'ri with a CR equal to or less than one-half your character level. The summoned demon follows your commands and remains at your side for up to 1 hour. This ability is the equivalent of a spell cast at a level equal to your character level. Fraz-Urb'luu: You cast illusion spells at +1 caster level. Graz'zt: You have immunity to fear effects. Juiblex: You gain resistance to acid 5 (or your current resistance to acid increases by 5). Kostchtchie: You gain resistance to cold 5 (or your current resistance to cold increases by 5). Malcanthet: You cast enchantment spells at +1 caster level. Obox-ob: Your natural armor bonus increases by 1. Orcus: You cast necromancy spells at +1 caster level. Pale Night: You have immunity to insanity and confusion effects. Vazuzu: While flying, you gain a +2 profane bonus on Reflex saves. Yeenoghu: When you attack with natural weapons, you gain a +1 profane bonus on attack and damage rolls. Zuggtmoy: You ignore extra damage from critical hits and sneak attacks 25% of the time.


When you die, your soul becomes the personal plaything of your demon patron. You can be restored to life only by true resurrection, miracle, or wish.

Also appears in

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