Words of Draconic Power

( Dragon Magic, p. 22)


You lap into the great tradition of draconic magic to enhance the words of your allies.


Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, Speak Language (Draconic),


You gain access to ceremonies based on your ranks in Knowledge (religion). Each ceremony requires 5 minutes, but their forms vary as described below. Each ceremony can affect up to six individuals, and the effects last for 24 hours. Ancient Tongue (4 ranks): Using a tindertwig, you burn dragon runes onto a piece of bread (one per participant) and place it on the participant's tongue, thereby sharing your knowledge of the ancient language of dragons. Each participant gains the ability to speak and understand the Draconic language. Potent Words (8 ranks): You write mystic incantations on a flask of alchemist's fire (one per participant), making it safe to consume. Each participant then drinks the contents of the flask. When a participant casts a language-dependent spell, his caster level is increased by 1. Participants also gain a +1 bonus on saves against language-dependent spells. Arcane Syllables (14 ranks): You scribe a single draconic rune on a pearl worth at least 1, 000 gp (one per participant), which is consumed by the participant. At any one time during the next 24 hours, the participant can choose to activate the ceremony's power as an immediate action. This has one of two effects, chosen by the participant. · If the character is being subjected to a power word spell, he can treat his current hit points as twice their actual number for the purpose of determining the effect of the spell. For example, a character with 55 hit points who activated this ability in response to a power word kill spell would be unaffected by the spell (since he would effectively have 110 hit points). · If the character is capable of casting a power word spell (that is, he either has such a spell prepared, or he knows one and has a spell slot available to cast it), he can cast that power word spell with no additional action required. Doing this expends the prepared spell or spell slot as normal.