Axiomatic Bloodline

( Dragon Compendium)


You are descended from a native of a lawful plane. The most common members of this bloodline are the
spawn of devils, who sow their seed in the Material Plane as part of far-reaching and complex plots against their rivals. Archons create mixed-blood offspring with mortals in order to counter the machinations of devils and other evil outsiders. Rarely, mortal travelers who spend a significant portion of their lives in a lawfully aligned plane begin to take on some of the traits of that plane that later manifest in their descendants.

Members of this bloodline are almost exclusively lawful. They seem driven by an inner set of rules that generally work in accordance with the laws of the land. They tend to have a symmetrical appearance, dress conservatively, and stick to a regimented life. Even when adventuring, they follow their routine to the best of their ability. Creatures descended from devils tend to use rules for their benefit, manipulating the system and taking advantage of legal loopholes. Descendants of archons practice the gentler aspects of regimen, living lives in as organized a fashion as possible.

Characters with the Axiomatic Bloodline feat tend to be organized and consistent; they generally look down on abnormality or spontaneity. As such, those with lawful blood excel at spells that locate items and creatures as well as spells that return things to their proper place or shape.


Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation,

Required for

Lawful Discipline (LM) ,


Your ancestry gives you a bonus spell known at each spell level, starting at 1st, from the following list.
1st-Detect chaos
2nd—Locate object
3rd—Magic circle against chaos
4th—Locate creature
6th—True seeing
8th—Discern location
9th—Dominate monster


If a character takes this feat any time after 1st level and has already learned any of the spells on this list in the class to which she applies this feat, she gains no additional spells known at those spell levels. This restriction does not apply if she learned any of these spells as a member of another spellcasting class.

Characters with this feat cannot learn or cast spells with the chaotic descriptor, and all such spells are removed from the spell lists of all their spellcasting classes.

A character may choose only one base bloodline feat.