Air Bloodline

( Dragon Compendium)


One of your ancestors was a creature of elemental air. Beings associated with this element come in an almost endless variety and your characteristics might vary with the type of elemental creature from which you descend. Regardless of your exact ancestry, you are likely to have blue eyes and wild, unkempt hair.

The descendants of cloud giants tend to be tall, loud, and often arrogant, but they have a strong appreciation
for beauty. Characters with storm giant ancestors, on the other hand, tend toward gentleness and tolerance, but they can display violent tempers when provoked. Descendants of elemental flying creatures display a predatory nature in their movements and behavior, always preferring to keep the advantage of height and distance when dealing with others. Dust mephits produce skinny, morbid descendants; air mephits pass along their lively nature; and ice mephits lend their aloof and distant manner to posterity.

Restless and moody, sorcerers with the Air Bloodline feat often adventure just to move. They might seem apathetic at times, but they can surprise others with quick emotional displays. Such characters tend to be impatient when others want to be still, and they enjoy spending long periods of time in debate.


Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation,


Your ancestry gives you a bonus spell known at each spell level, starting at 1st, according to the following list.
1st—Obscuring mist
2nd—Gust of wind
3rd—Wind wall
6th—Control winds
7th—Ethereal jaunt
8th—Summon Monster VIII (elementals and outsiders with the air subtype only)


If a character takes this feat any time after 1st level and has already learned any of the spells on this list in the class that granted him access to this feat, he gains no additional spells known at those spell levels. This restriction does not apply if he learned any of these spells as a member of another spellcasting class.

Characters with Air Bloodline cannot learn or cast spells with the earth descriptor, and all such spells are removed from the spell lists of all their spellcasting classes.

A character may choose only one base bloodline feat.