Ranger level 4 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Animal Growth Transmutation PH
Arrow Storm Transmutation CAd
Aspect of the Earth Hunter Transmutation Sc_
Aspect of the Werebeast Transmutation RE
Aura of Cold, Lesser Transmutation Fr
Bane Bow Evocation CD
Blinding Beauty Transmutation BE
Bloodfreeze Arrow Transmutation CR
Burrow, Mass Transmutation Und
Camouflage, Mass Transmutation CD
Camouflage, Mass Transmutation Gh
Camouflage, Mass Transmutation Mag
Commune With Nature Divination PH
Conjure Ice Beast Iv Conjuration Fr
Cure Serious Wounds Conjuration PH
Darkvision, Mass Transmutation Und
Deeper Darkvision Transmutation Und
Doublestrike Arrow Transmutation CR
Dragonmarked Weapon, Greater Transmutation Dra
Foebane Evocation CAd