Feats in Dragon Magic

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Green Dragon Lineage Your link to your green dragon ancestors allows you to ... Dragon Magic
Heart of Dragons You imbue your allies with draconic power. Dragon Magic
Initiate of Aasterinian You live for the moment, reveling in new experiences without ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Astilabor You share your deity's desire to acquire and protect treasure, ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Bahamut The Platinum Dragon has entrusted you with great power in ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Falazure Your celebration of death and decay has opened up new ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Garyx You channel the cleansing fire of destruction, as wielded by ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Hlal Fueled by faith in your deity, your audacity and bravery ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Io Your deity has entrusted you with the responsibility of tending ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Lendys Your dedication to justice grants you the ability to ferret ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Tamara You wield the twin powers of mercy and death in ... Dragon Magic
Initiate of Tiamat Your homage to the creator of evil dragonkind has been ... Dragon Magic
Red Dragon Lineage The fiery blood of red dragons runs within your veins, ... Dragon Magic
Silver Dragon Lineage You are the descendant of silver dragons and can harness ... Dragon Magic
Slayer of Dragons You protect your allies from the ravages they are sure ... Dragon Magic
White Dragon Lineage Your veins run with the savage blood of white dragons, ... Dragon Magic
Words of Draconic Power You lap into the great tradition of draconic magic to ... Dragon Magic

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