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Feat name Short description Rulebook
Winter's Child You are adapted to a cold environment. Savage Species
Winter's Mount Your special mount is native to the frostfell. Frostburn
Winters Mark As a member of the Children of Winter sect, you ... Dragonmarked
Wisdom Breeds Caution Not getting into a dangerous situation is generally the wisest ... Underdark
Wise to Your Ways You are particularly resistant to the unusual attacks of your ... Ghostwalk
Witchlight You can create witchlight, a harmless faint light, on yourself ... Ghostwalk
Wolf Berserker You have studied the fighting style of the wolf and ... Unapproachable East
Wolfpack You can gain an extra advantage when you and your ... Races of the Wild
Wolverine's Rage You can fl y into a berserk rage when injured. Complete Divine
Woodland Archer You have honed your archery ability in the wilds of ... Races of the Wild
Woodwise You ignore hampered movement penalties from naturally occuring moderate or ... Shining South
Woodwise You are trained in fighting in woodlands and know how ... Unapproachable East
Words of Creation You have learned a few of the words that were ... Book of Exalted Deeds
Words of Draconic Power You lap into the great tradition of draconic magic to ... Dragon Magic
Worldly Focus Your belief in the omnipresence of the gods is so ... Faiths of Eberron
Wounding attack Your vicious attacks wound your foe. Expanded Psionics Handbook
Wounding Spell Because you have studied the cruel arts of the Athalantan ... Lost Empires of Faerun
Wrest Possession If you resist control by a possessing fiend, you can ... Faiths of Eberron
Wyrmgrafter You can apply draconic grafts to other living creatures or ... Races of the Dragon
Xaniqos School You have learned the fighting style of House Xaniqos, which ... Drow of the Underdark

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