Items in Book of Exalted Deeds

Name Cost Slot/Property Rulebook name
Angelic +2 bonus Armor or shield BE
Asura Shield 27,180 gp
Armor or shield BE
Banishing +3 bonus Weapon BE
Blessed +1 bonus Weapon BE
Bow of the Solars 100,100 gp
held BE
Celestial Blade 18,335 gp
held BE
Celestial Mace 50,312 gp
held BE
Dart of the Phoenix 99,400 gp
held BE
Devilhusk 33,165 gp
Armor BE
Empyreal +2 bonus Armor or shield BE
Enfeebling +1 bonus Weapon BE
Exalted +3 bonus Armor BE
Heavenly Burst +2 bonus Weapon BE
Paralyzing +2 bonus Weapon BE
Righteous +4 bonus Weapon BE
Roaring +3 bonus Weapon BE
Sacred +2 bonus Armor or shield BE
Soulfire +4 bonus Armor BE
Twilight +1 bonus Armor BE
Vassal Armor 38,250 gp
Armor BE